True Purpose Built Equipment

Video transcript

So, in the last couple of videos, we talked about some maybe misapplications of legacy equipment in this marketplace. And whether that’s just as a result of the legacy of the person applying it, or potentially just a lack of knowledge or a lack of equipment availability, that’s why we designed the Quest IQ Series.

This is a product line that was built from the ground up to solve the challenges of the controlled environment agriculture space. We identified a need in 2018 and designed this product line specifically to meet the challenges that you guys have with existing equipment. And we watched a lot of other people do things that either didn’t work or only kind of worked and frustrated many.

Built from the ground up for CA means things like built-in redundancy – redundant pumps, redundant compressors, redundant air paths, ensuring that you don’t have a single point of failure in your critical application. Scalable designs – knowing that many of your buildings are going to be capitally challenged and need to phase out. So, being able to scale easily, unlike a central plant, for instance. Integrated controls – you’re harnessing our years of experience in this marketplace. Again, we’ve been in this marketplace since 2006, so we know how grows work, and we’ve built that knowledge into our controller to make it as easy as possible to achieve great results. Energy efficiency – our product line has a baseline efficiency that’s 25 to 30% above typical air handlers today, and that translates directly into cost savings for you. And we’re supplying this equipment at a very competitive cost but with excellent ROI. So, we’ve tried to make this process easy, as easy as possible on you. You have a business to run. You don’t have an HVAC system to babysit. So, we want to make it easy to design around, easy to get the knowledge and the consultancy that you need to design it properly, to size it properly. Easy to install, and easy to service, and some turnkey service offerings.

And the goal is to make it easy for you to join the 30-plus-gram-a-square-foot-per-harvest club that many of our growers are in. And that’s how you achieve incredible ROI in your space. And I would love to be able to talk to you about how we can achieve that for you.